The Writer’s Brain.


In certain parts of my day and certain parts of my work where I am able to divide my attention a little more (I typically work mostly in silence), as well as activity (washing dishes / house cleaning / painting cabinets- funny enough my hikes/ bike rides are in silence. Too much noise in my day becomes static. I mainly research / read / and write in silence. My yoga is either silence or watching a yoga video or with some soothing music and/or instruction in voice. And walks aside from my hikes are either talking with a friend or my partner or at times I have the iPod with a language works on tap more often than anything else. Every day I have some portion of my day in a variety of some music. And other times my attention is shared with video’s of things like writing/publishing/author topics of various types or Ted Talks on various topics. This afternoon after lunch, this is the line my attention goes in. The Brain, and how it works.

Lara Boyd-After watching this, your brain will not be the same

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