Accountability for the writer and work at home pt. 1.



Working from home is a weird thing sometimes. It has its advantages and its disadvantages. The good and the bad. 

The bad can be that you are only holding you accountable in most types of working from home. And as a writer working from home, even more so. 

Working form home and writing from home can end up being exactly how it seems…pjs all day, a lot of coffee, a lot of whiskey, a lot of staring at the wall, a lot of “oh that needs to be cleaned” and suddenly your house is either purely spotless or purely a disaster and somehow you’ve rematched every episode of Friends and eaten a lot of chips. 

Recently I had a conversation with another woman working from home, and before that and since with several other people this is a topic of conversation that comes up. 

The best people can’t alone hold themselves accountable, it seems. At times. So how do the most successful? The ones who’s companies rely on their own performance? From in-office CEO to in-home working….what are ways to perform better in holding ourselves accountable? What is your secret?

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