The African and the Missionary.

Reading topic of the day:
And a question for recommendation.
There are many books…memoirs, novels, etc. About Americans who moved to Africa as missionaries. There is a lot of thought, theory, insight from that side of the story. Over time I have read many…and come across more (most recently, a novel The Poisonwood Bible, which I have not read, and one, a memoir of a woman who as a girl was raised in Africa by missionaries, and who is now a professor in Georgia.)
I realize that here in America, as an American, it is easy to read of the American who travels to Africa for all sorts of reasons. But not always the other way around. And though I have read many authors out of Africa, I am looking for something specific in story, novel or memoir, fiction or non-fiction. Any and all.
What I am looking for is the opposite story of the American missionary. I am looking for someone whose life or in story is touched/effected BY the American missionary. The other side of the story. Any African writers who have that story to offer? Any book read recommendations on it?

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