Better Me. #1.


There is a line in this book on page one which has me underlining “Disruptive Technology” I am myself already on page one of this book and underlining what hits home (I am actually now on page 71) but I realized how disruptive I’ve allowed some easy access internet. I’ve gone a year without a cellphone and LOVE it. If you need to reach me…my email is but otherwise I still have allowed my life to be ruled by social media or the rabbit hole or learning via the world wide web…it only takes something of Greek Mythology or Confucian or a memoir or a writer I come across and dive a bit more into and so on. And then I am lost. So…managing myself is in the lines of the Better Me project I have been seeking for several years now. This was a book I picked up in a small #LocalBookstore and have been delighted with really. In some, it has assessed things I have heard about myself before but in a different way. And in others, I am learning where my weaknesses are clearer as someone who sets my own work schedule…and success.

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