A voice.


Technology article by The Guardian which has developed a device that can hear your internal thoughts “The device, called AlterEgo, can transcribe words that wearers verbalise internally but do not say out loud, using electrodes attached to the skin.”

Oh no no. I already can go DAYS without speaking and then not manage to order a coffee (the words in my mind as jumbled as upon my lips).

Words from brain to voice often already translate roughly, not quite what you meant, but the words in your voice were only more harsh, not less, and have ruined relationships, or wounded them deeply. And that was already the less harmful version in most cases.

Being a writer is to put the thoughts in my head into some sort of order. 

To tame the crazy. 

No one needs to hear this before it’s meet its filter. Trust me. 

No thanks. Words are beautiful creatures of their own. Voices need to be heard. We already live with less human contact, human touch, and now to take away all human voice…some of us go to a coffeeshop and sit in a corner only to hear them when we’ve not for too long.

Our minds are not less jumbled, or less harsh, or more thoughtful than our voices, they are not clearer. To hear a persons voice…even a stranger, is a connection that humans need. Like touch, like being AROUND another humans presence, like feeling their energy, their vibrations. Even for those of us who hide from other humans more often than not. To take away the voices I have heard in my great time…Maya Angelou, To think of history without the voice of MLK. To silence the singer, even she who hums her own tune in a grocery store aisle. To miss the frustration of a mothers voice, or the passion in a lovers tone, or simply the niceness of a strangers hello. No. No. no. None of this. 

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