I’m taking a short break from discussing BTWG WIP here through November. After November I will begin introducing the story of Behind The White Gate, the characters, the behind the scenes, and writing process, and the emotion behind the story. As well as the struggles. Btwg is a finished novel searching for its perfect Literary Agent and for publishing.

During November I enjoy taking up with #nanowrimo (NaNoWriMo) as a way to work on a project that has usually been tumbling in my mind but which I haven’t yet begun.

During my search for a Lit Agent and publishing for Btwg, I am always working on short wips while also in the past year I have been researching for a new 5 novels of 5 women in 5 generations WIP which will begin its true writing in the new year…. Far behind my personal schedule, of course.

But for November I have a book inside me that is part memoir and part fiction novel that I just need to get on paper…. Before it’s moment is too far past. For me, it’s important.I also love nano for an end of the year wrap it up and hurry on sort of motivation. The first draft isn’t expected to be good. It is only expected to be written.

So follow me through November in my journey while writing a memoir/novel story, In The Middle (follow the story with Hashtag #InTheMiddle and #inTheMiddleStory.

After Novemer I’ll begin the editing process of one, the push for publishing of another, and the writings of a third (or 5). You can follow each individual story here and clear out clutter by Hashtag following:

In The Middle #InTheMiddle #inTheMiddleStory

Behind The White Gate #BTWG #behindthewhitegate

And coming soon I’ll walk you through my journey of the newest (been researching for over a year historical fiction Which currently goes by the combined (5 novels) project name #DeepSouth5.

Shorts will be shared, too and you can follow those by hanshtag #pjdshorts.

You may also follow the non story, more personal writer side on Instagram at @a_kind_of_single_lady and the story side at @writer_pjd_wips

And any strict NaNo discussion at #peggydoesnano

I may also be followed on Twitter and Facebook.

Happy writing ya’ll!

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