Daily Show My Work.

Today is Friday and through the month of September, Fridays are my writing days. I am also behind this week after vacation, super long road trips, and working on the new boat. So it may hold a few other things.

Then again, there are only so many hours.

First, allow me to introduce a book I’ve had for about a year now and reading back through daily as a reminder. Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. This one is a small motivator for sharing out loud with the world what I write and work on very privately at home. I need this tiny little book on my Writer’s Toolbox since platform really is a thing these days. Though I’ll admit that sharing with my fellow writing community and readers and artistic community is pretty fun to do.

#1. Is titled “you don’t have to be a genius” so there is that weight off your shoulders to begin with.
It discusses Sharing Routine. And I LOVE reading of other successful people’s routine. It’s a motivation for me and a learning experience. I pick and learn small bits from many and place them into building and shaping my own for what works for me.
What is your routine?
What influences you?
Who are your role models and mentors?
How do you create your writing in an anti-social act but then share it with the public in the spotlight?
In what ways do you Show Your Work?

*Today I am digging around and doing some file cleanup and searching for some old writings and organizing them.

This is really Monday work but I am very behind and didn’t even begin work this week until Wednesday and it needs to be done.

I am to gather, polish, edit, sort, and submit. I have a lot of catching up to do and I plan to do one big submit batch of several different pieces.

Since you typically submit to one place at a time until you hear back a yay or nay I like to have several pieces go out frequently so my wait time is still more valuable used. While I pull a quantity gig here, I still do my best and not sacrifice quality. I will stop and slow down when needed.

Then I will write more to submit for later.
Currently I try and write a piece a day in short, be it poetry, short story, essay, or article. Aside from my big main WIP always happening. In 30 days I hope to have a good handful of quality pieces which I will go over and edit and find the right homes for. Sometimes I write pieces with that particular home in mind.

So I should at all times have a pretty good batch out in the world while working on another and then send that one out while some end up re-sent to new places after a rejection or even end up reworked, sometimes simply put away for awhile.


Past that I am working on Behind The White Gate (novel) platform bits of the day. And soon some more submissions in search of the perfect literary agent and I will spend some time on my current #mainWIP DeepSouth5 (a collective working name).

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