A Writer’s Toolbox


To write, I read. I’ve always been a. Reader, long before a writer. Even though I began writing young. I was actually a late reader but once I began I never stopped.

A lot of what I read when I write affects me, or I read along what I am writing of.

During the writing of Behind The White Gate I read a lot on mother-daughter relationships.

I also read a lot on the unconventional in that time. And I read simply beautiful stories.

I read the flowing writings of Amy Tan’s The Valley of Amazement, Marion Wink, Roxane Ga’s truth during a time approaching the presidential elections. I read Linda Grey Sexton. I read Jamie Ford. And so many others in the year of writing btwg. In the year of my tree-house loft. In my last year on the island.

I also read many books on the art of writing. I read On Writing by Stephen King. I read so much on managing myself.

Take it all into account.

What a writer reads. And during when. And what influences what projects. The mentors the writer builds. The toolbox of a writer.

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