WIP – Behind The White Gate.


Me looking for my Lit agent….

Lol…actually here to talk a little about Behind The White Gate. The life on Galveston Island. Those stories where we run away…from family, life, problems, ourselves. But we always end up coming home.

Relationships in our lives. The relationship we have with ourselves. The one with our mothers and break that down to our childhood relationship vs our adulthood (especially womanhood). The same with our fathers. the father who isn’t in our lives but no questions of why being answered. Then the men in our lives whom we choose to date and marry…or not, and just be friends with. And the different times in our lives. The relationships of sisters.

Facing mental illness. What mental illness does to children. What it then does to us as adults. This includes suicides and even attempts. The fear of mental illness. Hereditary discussion.

The faces of mental illness. In Birds story there is the face of mental illness in her mother while Bird is growing up. Then the face of it when Bird comes home and decades gone by. And the face of mental illness within Bird. The face of mental illness of Bird’s father. And that of her husband.

There is a lot of discussion that comes from this story….keep watching and get involved!

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