Currently up to.



Just a little update on my current where and what.

For now and currently, I am in the deep of the South to write the current book (or five, rather-all 5 first drafts being done this year) this Summer. Being a southern gal you’d think I’d be smarter than spending a summer in the south. New Orleans and bits of Louisiana, Mississippi along the Gulf Coast, and Alabama in the Mobile area (the books being based loosely on a person from there to begin with as well as a location and history, though fictional, while three towns/cities are involved in all five). Also a bit of Florida, and some travel to Virginia and North Carolina and South Carolina and Georgia. Thankfully the food is good, the beach is a great place for an early morning and late evening run and dog play (for my mutt), and the south getting a good taste of a liberal feminist with a big mouth and opinion. The sun will burn hotter than Texas like it hates you personally in the mid of day, but the trees are large and walk right up to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. And most important. I am writing.


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