Stepping into the local stuff.


While traveling, as a writer and a reader but also someone very into politics, I always read the local newspaper. Especially the Sunday paper but also many random local publications and other day of the week. In politics I enjoy hearing the local voice and how to compares to the national. I often hear the things that the big picture is missing, or the things that the local isn’t hearing. By choice because you kinda can’t miss it anymore.

I picked one up such publication while in Mobile, Alabama, and found an article about Alabama banning crossover voting.
My own immediate thoughts are that it is yet another way to create voting restrictions. But I’d like to hear your thoughts.

In other news, continuing within the same article…apparently people were marked as Democratic voters in an only Republican candidate race election (in the Alabama House District 102) and thus unable to make any vote at all. There were a reported 15 or so of these. The article in question discuss this issue. And yet what it doesn’t discuss is the obvious voting rigging involved. I feel that there is a WAY bigger story here of not human error but actual election rigging…sorry writer Jason Johnson…but you missed a good one. Here, even though it is only two Republican candidates…let me help you out.

#1. There wasn’t even a Democratic candidate, so the vote wasn’t swayed toward one party or another. What happened was that a race, which had a winning by only 25 votes, had at least 15-22 votes reported and found unable to be made at all because the voter was turned away at the polls told that they could not vote Republican as they had previously voted Democrat…which was actually untrue, these had indeed ALL voted Republican previously. This isn’t actual Democratic voters trying to vote in this race but Republican voters unable to vote in a Republican election. The information and the turning away at the poll was wrong…it didn’t even have to do with Alabama’s banning cross over. This is rigging for one candidate over another within the same party.

#2. You have two Republican candidates….someone rigged the polls within their own and only one party for a win. Hands down. Rigging happened. There was no reason those voters were marked as DEM and kept from voting for whom they wanted. This needs to be fully investigated.

#3. Aside from banning crossover being only one more way to restrict voters altogether, a race of only two Republicans about to represent your district without even having a Democratic candidate means that all Democratic voters are restricted from having any vote at all. This is wrong, Alabama. And everywhere else who institutes this practice. If the election comes to one party and two candidates, we should all have a vote. This is America. We should never have to be forced to vote by party, and should be able to vote by person. To have NO say because years ago you marked DEM is a fixed vote. Period. Even if not for party, we all deserve a say in who runs our districts and local politics. In every and any election. Crossover voting should not be an added restriction to the American people.

So, writer Jason Johnson….go grab that story because something smells more fishy than the shrimp boats at the docks, buddy.

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