I DO actually work. W.I.P.


As a writer we often deal with people thinking that we don’t actually work. But, I do. And we do. I know many work work so hard you’d cry if you spent a day in their shoes.

I often have to inform people that I am NOT “taken care of by my ‘husband'”.

I do not sit around and read and eat bonBons all day. Though I greatly wouldn’t mind that. And I do greatly read.

And I am NOT Joe’s secretary, so don’t ask me to have him call you.

So, I keep, as a writer, my LinkedIn pretty updated…or I do try.

However, LinkedIn has such limitations of words in a job description, so I thought that I would lay out here my W.I.P. (work in Progress) and what I am currently doing or up to.

As you can see from the post prior, Four States and Seven Days, even aside from writing I am busy with activity and you can also catch a glimpse there. Or…here.

My typical, though not constant, work schedule is 4 weeks of straight work (I tend to really put in long hours here as well and focus) and then 2 weeks of vacation (where I still edit, update emails, talk to editors back and forth, read books that help my writing or are doing something for my writing as well as keep up or catch up with multiple in copy and on nook journals, literary locations, magazines, Writer’s Digest and all the kind, and even my Breathe Magazines as well as some down-time reading. I try to keep up with things like blogs and social media but you will see at a glance that it is not always the case.

Since my work is constantly changing I thought a one go-to spot location of what is currently happening or current W.I.P. (Work in Progress) location would help to update those interested. Or even lead me to the connections I am in need of.

* I am currently in the market for a Literary Agent for Behind The White Gates. A fiction novel. Novel of a woman who kills her husband after he recently and suddenly began abusing her and having basically a mental break. She returns to the home and family she had left long before and a house where her mother’s own long history of mental illness during her childhood greatly shaped her life. All while becoming a woman in her thirties. You can follow with #BTWG.

*Currently traveling through the Deep South while writing not one, but five novels of Fiction.

This is loosely based on the idea of my own great-grandmother who owned and ran a home for unwed mothers in the 1940’s in Mobile, Alabama. This idea spurned the idea of five generations of five women in the family. Mother and daughter of the next.

1-Traveling from France as a Jewish pregnant young woman sent away by her parents on her own pre-war. she gives her baby up for adoption when the man and father of her baby who promised to meet her never shows up. She remarries and hides her secrets while she moves to Mobile and runs a home for un-wed mothers in the 1940’s and 50’s.

2-Of the mother who sent her daughter to America in the shame of un-wed pregnancy and then lives through WWII France and as a Jewish woman. After the loss of her strict husband she comes to realize her guilt in sending her daughter away and now being alone after the war to rebuild by herself.

3-Third is of the mixed-race of French-Jewish and black daughter given up for adoption in the last of the 1930’s in New Orleans who marries a mixed-race man and has a daughter of her own. Balancing the wants of a normal life with the love of art but living through constantly being ‘put in her place’ as both mixed-race, during war Jewish in the south and as a woman and raised by a white family.

4-The fourth is of the daughter who is born and raised in New Orleans and who lives through the times of the south, New Orleans, and through the Civil Right’s movement. Her story is rich in music and she is a singer, she is addicted to drugs, rebells against the very normal and stable life her parents worked hard to give her, has several children whom she abandons with various grandmothers, and we follow her trail through many men.

5-The fifth book and generation, though the first of the actual books to be finished, is following Gus, one of the children and the oldest daughter that was raised dragged through bars her mother sang in and always exposed to drugs and men and then abandoned at aged ten and sent to live with her fathers family who she had never known, the father whom her mother put in prison on false rape charges and the family that is black and in Mississippi as a mixed child with a black family in the 90’s and where she meets her father for the first time when he is let out of prison. Artistic Gus finds her only stability in her painting and survives a tragic hurricane where she loses the grandmother she has come to love greatly and learn much from, she begins to travel through the lives of the women before her in search of understanding and to find her own voice and self among the chaos that is her family.

I will be shortly looking for a Literary Agent for this project as well. First drafts are almost finished on all five at the moment. I am basically writing them as one book…and separate books. You can follow this story works at #DeepSouthFive.

If you are an editor interested in working on these, please feel free to contact me. I promise that I will need you.

Aside from this I am always writing some travel works, and in-town works as I go along. I enjoy it greatly. I am always working on some essay pieces but particularly have a four part with 8 each series in the works, and hopefully to publish. The first series and the first essay of which is titled “My Mother’s Broken Face”.

I am always on a journey of the mother-daughter relationship and how that shapes the relationships we grow to have all around us.

In long-term there is also In My Mind- a visual arts project that will take its time and focuses on how mental illness is and always has been treated.

For this I need both video and photo works done in an old abandoned mental hospital, models/actors/dancers all three and musicians as well as video photographers. And then show space. I will also provide the writing.

Also, Brides…my last Ode to my early marriages and early divorces and the disillusion of marriage and relationships and love and romance. Also a visual arts project. For this I am still collecting wedding dresses. Will need models. Will need a photoshoot in various locations in preferably Galveston, including an almost empty and very dirty pool and some stair cases. And eventually show space and photo printing. Music written would be amazing. And I will have much writing.

In the meantime I am traveling to the Deep South, Mobile and New Orleans locations while writing Deep South Five and during second drafts and after research I plan to soon be boating rather than RV’ing but also would love a perfect beach house, a perfect winter location for a few months at a time to get out of the RV and live and write. I am open to locations. I would love to get really into a writer’s community for a bit during the winter so shoot me your idea’s and invites. Even a book club would sound pretty good. Life on the road and deep in my own work can leave me needing things like that at times. Sometimes things change from what is originally planned. Such is life and planning.





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