A Beach and a Book…

I am on the beach for the next few weeks. Internet is a fallacy here.
I don’t mind a damned bit.
So if you rarely hear from me for a moment or two….
Researching in libraries histories of the deep south and writing. In between walks on the beach and bike riding.
The quiet of last evening after Joe left back to work and no internet and being moved to write more is exactly what I’d been craving for my work for the summer.
I really must be careful what I ask for…though it has turned out well this time – in fact better than well and I’ve gotten quite lucky with a private place where the woods meet the beach in my searching for where to go next to write a new book, the last time I wanted to “just get away” I ended up in jail for seven months. It wasn’t exactly what I’d meant that time so this time I was a slight bit more specific in what I put into the universe.
Joe often says I have a sheeny magic about me in this way and calls much of what I do my potion making (I swear I only cure the sore throat). In fact, we were recently in New Orleans and in many antique shops where old doctors kits of glass vials in wooden cases that he insisted was exactly something for me.
The beach is so much better. My asking the universe went well this time around.
In another funny of our travel events…in NOLA I slipped into Faulkner Bookstore, I took up Faulkner’s Mosquito for a souvenir and to sit and read in a shaded courtyard with a coffee, which we did soon after, we had walked so much and the heat of only the month of May pounded into us like the middle of an August afternoon easily. When asking “Could it get worse?” the answer was “We haven’t even started yet”. The humidity leaving our skin with a dewey feel and after some time of exploring architecture and gardens and in and out touring buildings of good people we came across we were done for this one day of it. We could do no more. I thought a book was a good idea. Joe walked into the tiny over crowded shop which was driving me to anxiety and had long had him step back to the street while waiting for my browsing to see me purchasing the book with cash where he yelled across good naturally with the most adorable and loving look on his face “AH HA! I’ve caught you! Breaking out of Book Jail!” which was a couple of weeks away from ending (I had spent a ton on books at a few book festivals I’d hopped through in the spring so set myself on a no new book buying until June law of our home). About twenty people in a crowded place turned to see the tallest man in the room and who he was making such an exclamation toward, I laughed out loud and without embarrassment at all as the man’s hand that held my book hesitated in passing it back to me with a look of bewilderment and an unsureness of what to do upon his face. Joe and I held hands as we stepped back onto the street and headed down for coffee and beignet’s where we sat in the shade and closed out the hustle of days past and allowed our tired bodies and overwhelmed minds a rest without having to actually leave it at the same time. Because we weren’t ready to leave it.
There is so much more to tell of this past trip but this one burns in my mind at our jolly merriment of it.
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