A Writer’s Past Jobs.


Modeling- Fashion-Painting-
Company Management Agency- NYC.

See the full album here.

Writer’s always wear or have worn a few hats to produce food on the table while writing..or on the way to becoming a writer. I’ve always worked about three jobs at a time and modeling was one of them. The paintings I modeled for didn’t pay in money but friendships and fun experiences. I enjoyed contributing to artists on the island. But I did model for the money as well and had a pretty good go at it. I don’t have many of the photos I was ever in but a few that always bring a walk down memory lane.

In modeling and fashion I learned to speak louder (I had the softest damn voice).
I learned to interview face to face. I learned to handle rejection. I learned to land the job. I learned to build on my best qualities of personality. I learned to be opinionated. And I truly learned from watching super strong women crushing the business along the way from running agencies to behind the camera to designing and styling and models and even the amazing make-up artists I worked with. I really did end up surrounded by powerful women who taught me a thing or two about standing my ground and being myself and striving toward dreams and making them achievable goals. And that the looks in modeling were actually the least that you brought to the table. Certainly my experiences have added to my catalog of life lived to write about and many personalities met along the way to pull from.

#TBT to the modeling days. I still end up doing projects for friends but usually things that get turned into paintings or other fun stuff. I love having fun still. This was always pretty fun and always a true experience.


See the full album here

What are some jobs you have/are working to achieve being a writer or while you are writing? And how do they help you grow in life and writing?

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