A Writer’s Past Jobs.

Egyptian men playing Senet by Reyna Collura.

BGI- Board Game Island. 2013.
Marketing Manager
Social Media Manager
Media Manager
Galveston, TX. Because writer’s always have those past jobs. This was a time when I was working THREE FULL-TIME jobs at once AND going to school AND writing. I am sort of having fun going through a little memory lane. I’ve always learned from what I’ve done and always worked to contribute beyond what I took from it. 

See Album here.

I wanted to share some neat art today from a actually a few years back. I worked as a media director social media marketing promotional manager for a neat Shop that was opening in Galveston called Board Game Island #BGI at the time. It was a board game cafe and a neat concept even if I am actually not into board games…don’t judge me, I just win them way fast and find them boring. However, I found a lot of fun in promoting the shop on the island and a lot more fun promoting new artists (and well, established artists, too) in this concept. I had put a call to artists for board game art and art based on these games. Galveston holds an Artwalk like every 6 weeks or so Hosted by Galveston Art Center #GAC see here ). And shops and galleries and artists of the island all open their doors for an evening of art fun and wine and cheese for the most part. In the Down Town Galveston you walk around easy blocks through multiple galleries and studios and even some street art set-ups and shops who display artists and music playing from place to place and the conversation and running into friends and making new ones is always a part of the event.

So, when I was doing this work for BGI I had fun with the concept of board game art. It was awesome to see what artists came up with and many of these sold to buyers! Until sale or for at least awhile they hung on the brick walls of BGI in theme of the new establishment. I don’t even have all of the amazing art in photo anymore but here are a few that were really fun and amazing.

See album here.

What are jobs you’ve worked in as a writer or before becoming a writer? How have they influenced your life and your writing?

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