Have I ever shared Mermaids?


Mermaids by Peggy J. Davenport

R3M1Xt published my poem Mermaids (I wrote this piece while in jail where I was for seven months…but that’s another story, because, you know, writers need stories of life, right?)

Check it out in the link above and scroll down to

Mermaids by Peggy J. Davenport.

Remixt Mag info:

“Remixt is a magazine of possibilities. Julia Rios (Poetry and Reprints Editor for Uncanny Magazine) is the publisher who will oversee guest editors for each volume of the magazine. Volume One will feature poetry, and will contain nine individual issues released simultaneously by nine different editors pulling from the same submissions pool. Editors are free to choose any pieces they like regardless of whether they have been chosen before. Authors will be paid once for every editor who selects their piece.

This is an experiment to show how different editors have different tastes and ideas. Some choices will likely overlap, but some won’t, and the reasoning behind the choices may vary. People often ask how editors think. This is an exploration of the the rich array of ways to answer that!”

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