Transition. Living Two Lives.

Vacation ended today but this is always a transition day. The day when the house (#RV) suddenly becomes all too quiet. When I’ve watched Joe leave back to work for a month and even the pets look sad, when I clean, put things away not needed for another months time, and pull my books and work back out for my own month of work. I will then settle with a tea (and a puppy) and unwind…transition, read, and work on and read over and note in my schedule (basically a non-fancy BulletJournal) for the coming month and so on. The night will come and the bed suddenly empty of his presence. I love my time with him…and also alone to myself. Too much of either is never a good thing. Balance for this Libra.
But it doesn’t make him leaving any less sad and sudden, as if something great is missing, when at the same time I am beginning to crave my own time, alone, and my own rituals and schedules, but especially my work, and when this month is over, as much as I love all of my own time, my alone, my own rituals, and especially my work but I will be ready to lay it aside for rest…to step back away from my writing, to take a breath from it and clear my head but to also emerge out of the solitude I often put myself into when in work…even outside of the home. I will move from walking among people and people watching to engaging and finding my voice with others.
I move from one to the other, shift my balance and know that each, for me, is important, even when I miss the other while in one of these worlds and then that world while in the other. I suppose to some point this shows my love and my passion for what I do in life, while also for the person I most choose to spend it with, but as much as I love each, too much with no rest from either would be too much for me as well….allowing myself the chance to miss the one or the other, and to crave and look forward to allows me to appreciate it all rather than become bitter in it all.
#meditation in my #freewriting #Work #Writer #vacation #vacationover #backtowork #balanceinlife

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