Accountability for the work-from-home/writer part two.


Continuing from last week on my spot about on career coaching and working from home, and as I am, a writer who works from home, and on the subject of accountability…though I am not a coach nor an expert, but it has been a topic of my own life as well as of personal discussion and my own constant seeking out and learning to ‘Better Me’ I might as well talk about it. 

I personally have a schedule of working from home on my own with only a cat and a dog for four weeks out of the month while my partner works away the entire time on a boat, not coming home for the entire four weeks. Then we are together and both take off work and “vacation” for two weeks. I set aside my work, wrap it up, and catch up on extra reading as well as keep up with a few emails that only need my time then and there, if they can wait, they wait. 

One of the things that I always have been big on is being private about my work, or not sharing because I really didn’t think anybody cared. But Joe, my partner, cares a lot about my life and work as well as is my biggest supporter and encourager. So though we discuss some things long distance along the way, we always have some good conversation (over wine) about where my work and writing is at at the moment. It really does add for me personally some way of keeping myself accountable. If I have nothing to share it means that I didn’t do my work. Or do it well enough.

Not that Joe himself holds me accountable but I would feel like a bit of a lazy loser and feel my own self guilt if I sat there with more about what I watched on TV or the new shoes I bought. I never want to be THAT person. Thankfully, I usually have a lot to talk a bout with him. And it is nice to have a bit of a sounding board of someone who is very very far outside the writing world as well, but is a part of my personal world and who knows me well. Do you have anybody to share with that in such a way holds you, or helps you hold yourself accountable in your working from home/writing adventure? 

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