Who’s your Go-Getter​?

Not sure some of these listed on BookRiotabout , but good topic. Who are some of your Go-Getter role models you read on?
Mine change all the time, not change but get added to. Currently, they are;
-Hillary Rodham Clinton and reading what is an inspiring book of What Happened. And the poise she keeps even during 30+ years of lies and rumors and hate and total opposition against her. AND regardless of personal thoughts, still dealt with a difficult relationship in the public eye. Lord, can I relate to all of that. A true teacher.
-Gloria Steinem, especially after reading her book On The Road. That woman of her age and still Go Go Go. But you can really learn a lot as a writer, an activist, a woman, and being a white feminist working alongside black feminists as hard and as much as she does. I don’t think retirement will ever happen for her. And turning her writing into her advocacy. She is also a white #feminist that really opens to door in teaching other white feminists about fellow black feminists, Something truly needed in that gap we white women need to learn a lot of. For us, it will take the voice of the white women to show us that, I know this, and I hope to also be that kind of feminist. She has opened a lot of doors for me on that and taught me to be a better feminist.
-Roxane Gay. This one says her mind but also isn’t a jerk or an idiot. I mean, like take Lena Dunham. I love her work (only recently discovered because the bad feminist in me had to watch Girls all 6 seasons just for Kylo Ren, prior I just avoided her stuff.) As a writer I am in awe, as a woman and a feminist I want to just make her stop. Roxane says some controversial shit without being a twerp. There aren’t moments of hand to forehead and thinking “Nope, you just ruined it for us all”. But as an outspoken black feminist writer, this woman seems to only open your eye’s and make you want to buy her a drink. I suggest reading her works for real, all of her essays. And what is funny is because of what you’ve read about her and then you read her straightforward writings she does seems like total brass, maybe even too much….so then I suggest you just punch her name into youtube for a day and seriously you are like “Dude, she’s so fucking chill.” I could listen to her forever. I often do for a good portion of the day and have in two lectures in person so far. She so fends for herself but somehow you kinda want to beat other people up who say cross things about or to her like you would protect a close friend or a sister. Her writing is a great eye-opener and as a writer I can truly admire. As a memoir writer I can even more so. Her then taking a stance and leaving a publishing house with her book because they chose to publish a right-wing antagonist. A Woman, who is also black, who took a stand and not only got her book published anyway, then ended up staying on the best sellers list for record-breaking weeks, discussed her very tiny advance (I think her’s was about twenty grand while Milo Y’s was like 250 grand with that same publisher) openly which as a writer is like awesome stuff. She has become a large part of transparency in the publishing world that is very needed. And her stance caused the publishing company to drop Milo Y, even in the face of lawsuit over it, and his book bombed when he took it to publish (I think he self-published after that). One woman’s voice made huge waves in not only the world of writing but the meaning of lines drawn in the sand for freedom of speech. We do NOT have to allow ourselves to be bullied as women, and black women do not have to allow themselves to be bullied. And writers DO have the power over the publisher. And good vs evil will win. You know…a lot came out of that. But the backbone that took was amazing. Like, Warrior Queen stuff right there. I had a year of HRC’s book, her doing that stance and reading her book, and Super Woman came out. It was a kick-ass mother fucking 2017 regardless of the wimp that got elected into the White House. I always said there was more power outside of the White House and office BECAUSE we had a voice on the outside without the restrictions of the inside.
-I have to say Joe, because he’s really worked hard and done well. There is nothing to read on him except what I write. And I am sure over time much more of that will be done. He is amazingly encouraging. I had not realized before how little…or rather zero encouragement I had out of relationships of any kind, friend or lover.
I had not realized how much I dove into being there for them, encouraging, and even driving whatever they were doing forward (even to the point of annoying and bossy) while I not only would often abandon my own thing but never once had encouragement or faith in me and what I did. I have that so much now in ways I could never have imagined. It is really eye-opening and heart and soul filling to have at least one person truly under any circumstances in your corner. He works very hard and would do anything for me if I wanted or needed. He doesn’t settle down and he goes after what he wants. We have the best conversations on this stuff and that is another thing, he truly values my input on everything. He is non-conventional and relishes in my non-conventionalism and that is something that truly often drove me apart in past relationships and now only drives me forward. I have constant emotional support and it makes a huge difference when in 36 years you never once had it otherwise.
-Another example would be Jhumpa Lahiri who as soon as I read about her I read everything from her. She is a woman of so many backgrounds who truly strives to pull them all together and live in them, and beside them in her own. These are struggles all women can relate to in some way or another. She also wants things that are a bit unconventional for her and her entire family and she does them. She seeks to learn and she writes so beautifully.
-Arianna Huffington is on the list since reading all about her ages ago and now her books. Sleep and women=the relationship. Striving to the top. Working harder than everyone else. Doing double duty as a mom, wife and CEO in her situation until literally passing out. Stepping out from her comfort zone and creating creating creating and learning about live and living and quality over quantity along the way. Not to mention all she has achieved as a strong woman in the field of the writing and business world.
-Michelle Obama. this woman has had so much class and poise in the face of death threats over literally the color of her skin. She has been a great mother, wife, and first lady, an example of a woman. She comes from amazing educational background and continues to be a presence for woman everywhere. She doesn’t only become someone only some can relate to, but really all (if not the problem is yours, not hers). She dares to be different, herself. In this, I also place Barack for much of the same. I love how they chose their portraits to be done, by whom, and in what style. Black American Art. Not being conventional because conventional America is a racist old and outdated America. And being supporters of great art. Even past, if not more so, the White House they strive for a better America.
-Amy Tan, OMG I am reading her latest now, a memoir. And I can relate to her as a woman and a writer SO much. I have been in awe of her writing, her books. I can’t help but buy two copies, both in hardcover, one to keep sacred and one to underline and highlight the hell out of.
-I have to really put Elon Musk in there because this guy has been Go Go Go since teenaged years. He has a brilliant mind that expands constantly. He tries, he fails, he goes for it, he creates. Good bad or ugly it’s pretty revolutionary and exhausting just reading about it.
-There are some big names like Mark Zuckerberg and both Bill and Melinda Gates, Steve Jobs and so forth because of what they’ve done with themselves and created. I mean…a teenager in college creating things in a dorm room is already impressive. Having created things I literally can’t live without even more so. They are in my lives and influence whether I like it or not. I say this as I type on my Apple laptop and share it on my Facebook page. But they have all been people who truly give back to the world as well in very large quantities. Especially say Melinda Gates, who create motion in ways and places needed around the world for others in need, it goes beyond giving money. But they have all created economy that we run on as well. I mean…I can barely get my coffee made without spilling it all over the floor and here they are pretty much running the world. It’s impressive whether you like them or not. And even if you don’t, your life is influenced heavily by them.
-The organizers of Black Lives Matter, Colin Keapernick, Jemele Hill, the organizers of Pantsuit Nation and the Women’s March as well as The Black women March, when the cast of Hamilton spot to Pence, and other such situations because they literally put their lives on the line for awareness and social justice. They are doing this in my day and age. I get to see this in action. It must be how some people feel about having grown up with Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks, Florynce Kennedy, Cesar Chavez.
-Shonda Rhimes, Oprah Winfrey, Cecile Richards, Wendy Davis (though she didn’t take the opportunities she could have this past two years to come back and do it again, I admire her for the time she did), Alice Walker, Me Too founder Tarana Burke: ‘You have to use your privilege to serve other people’, for women who truly work work work out of the mess of from the bottom up, creating themselves into what they are, doing for others constantly, teaching, bringing teachings through in their arts, showing the capabilities of woman, mother, wife, self, CEO, creator, artist, whatever. Creating entire movements that change the world. Supporting other women. I can name a lot more women and men here, too but these have been some of my most in the lately list. Also, one day I want to be Shonda Rhimes when I grow up. But I need more coffee to even think about that woman. lol Talk about Go Go Go. When I feel I don’t have enough time or feel overwhelmed, I tune into some Shonda Rhimes on youtube speaking in the background of my work and get back at it.
-I am totally loving some role models in various writing, project, or just go-get-em in some like Gina Rodriguez, Tracee Ellis, Lena Waithe, Jessica Williams, America Ferrera among others. I love reading the works of other fantastic women.
I personally did not have good female role models growing up in my life or family. Or any role models really. My grandmother disowned my mother and in doing so disowned all of her grandchildren. That was a huge abandonment issue right there for me. My birth father has not been a part of my life. My mother was the perfect example of who and how not to be as a woman, a mother, a wife or partner. My older sister chooses to be MIA one minute and in your life the next, it really creates trust issues. And not in one place is there or has their ever been true love, support, encouragement (in fact there has been the opposite of all). Ever since I struck out on my I pretty much have sought them out. I seek strong, hard-working, creative, independent, and teachings to offer types who typically overcame diversities and childhood hardships and treat themselves and those around them very well and uplifting in those I read of or those in my personal life as well. I pretty much surround myself with this now. I have a LOT more for the “not alive now” category or who have influenced me in many ways over my lifetime, such as Maya Angelou being my influence to become a writer and writer though life, that you can turn real ugly into real beauty. I more recently run on the quote “I write myself back together” of Roxane Gay. And there are many not listed here who have at one time or another been an influence. Some I may not have even realized. Using your writing or art for what you wish to achieve in the world as well as within yourself is a big part of my influential people in my life. Keeping a head held high and the strength to walk right through the crowd that hates or judges you most has always been one for me, and has really been put to the test. Holding poise has literally gotten me through, and after, seven months in jail, divorce, and small town living and rumors among more. Basically also my entire adult life so far. 
Who are your Role models? Your model of Get-up-and-go each day? In your projects and works, and creativeness? In your daily life?
#Influence #Rolemodel #WontStop #CantStop
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