Reading Writers​ of Color.

Sharing today for #BlackHistoryMonth is one of many amazing female #writer of color. #Read #Books by #PeopleofColor. To gather understanding is to know what you are supposed to understand. To argue against something you must understand what you are arguing. Walk in another’s shoes through a few chapters. Even hate it after, but now you can say you’ve at least tried to take a look from another’s side of life somewhat.

Heck, I’ve forced myself to suffer through the nails on chalkboard Alex Jones, and read from and watch video’s and even attend a lecture from  “who’s really the confused one?” Milo Yiannopoulos (I needed to know what feminism really was), attend a rally of Trump, Read his crap book, read fox news articles, Breitbart articles on a subject also printed by CNN and NYT  and others of the like. Reading never hurt anybody, as much as #Republicans and the #miloyiannopoulos’ of the world might have you think about women and books. Except perhaps the history of women burned as witches for it or put in insane asylums over it or their labia’s sliced off because of it (That was white, American, and Christian, BTW-don’t start yelling Muslim shit, please). So, I guess Republican men, at least won’t be hurt by reading. But don’t worry, because of us #Feminists and #Liberal #Women who have fought and #Marched for you, and – because even these also benefited the white woman in #America, for the many many protestors and marches and fights for Civil Rights – you white #RepublicanWomen should now be safe, too.

I only ask that if you haven’t read a book by anything other than a white person in the last year, that you pick one up today and try. Anybody, anything…go for it.

And please don’t share Maya Angelou quote’s unless you’ve read in your lifetime her first of seven autobiography series I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. Because that is some life-changing view changing shit right there. It literally altered my life. #MayaAngelou

And please don’t share a Martin Luther King Jr quote unless you’ve read his letter written from jail. #MLK

And, not American, but a figure none-the-less….besides, you know those people from those “shit-hole” countries and all…. please don’t celebrate and share a quote from Nelson Mandela unless you have ever taken the time to actually read his writings. #NelsonMandela

#ZadieSmith #WritersofColor #BlackWriters #LearnSomething because this isn’t #MAGA, this is forward moving #UnitedStatesofAmerica #MeltingPot and #Beautiful.

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