Talking Out Loud-How Does a Writer Write II..and what do they read?


Sort of a part II to How does a Writer Write.

Because if I answered in a short way there would be something wrong.

Right now I am in a big learn to write phase….there is just so much to learn and do in writing…aside from writing.

I may take on too much and it is overwhelming and I am striving to create the balance of learning and writing/working but I feel all in due time it shall come.

Until then as of today and a bit of an insight to this entire week I have particular tasks set up and the bullet journaling helps keep tack.

One is a book on my Nook Called Guide to Query Letters, a Writer’s Digest book.

I mean…as many submissions as I’ve done and even publications one would think by now that perhaps I would have this down?

Well…I’ve done a lot, published a bit and perhaps there is still something to learn in this…and I’ve realized I’ve barely read about any. So it shall be.

Seven chapters in seven days is the plan here…I will read and take notes and do a few searches as I come across reason (such as the books recommended google search for examples and templates. And perhaps I may even pull a blog or two out of it in discussion out loud here…rather than to the cat.

I am past the introduction and about to dive into Query basics. Over the next seven days I will read and do exercises with each chapter.

When I move on from this book I plan to go through The Miracle Morning which involves writing as an exercise for non-writers but for growth and stimulation of creativity. I think that one has about 9 sections along with a few outside readings and will likely be done through about 10-11 days.

And then I’ll get back to a slightly started Search Inside Yourself which is from an employee of Google and a works towards being a Better and more productive self, this will be a ten day book.Those are all currently on my Nook.

I have a better mornings and creativity and meditation booklet magazine I picked up at Barnes and Noble called Breathe- for wellbeing, mindfulness, creativity, and escaping. This is in hopes of stimulating better days…better works.

On scheduling, building patterns and habits I also have read about and so picked up the book by a retired Navy Admiral called Make Your Bed in which over a course of seven days I will read a chapter a day (these are short).

Not all reading for writing actually has to do with writing directly.

But some does…I have The magazine Writers Digest yearbook NOVEL Writing and will go over this magazine and then back over some back issues one magazine a week, adding in a week of a new monthly issue as they come along through the next three months. And the same goes for the writing magazine ‘The Writer’ and other random back issues or pick ups through the months one magazine each week of those aside from the Writer’s Digest. Really learning industry alongside how to is essential to writing and …publishing that writing these days in my opinion.

I’ll read and then hope to put into action some of what I’ve read each day. Aside from those books I have a few other reading books this month to get through…Hillary Clintons latest and Elizabeth Warrens. Finishing On The Road from Gloria Steinem (can’t miss the political feminist in those, can you?) and finishing In Other Words with added Italian reading translations of Jhumpa Lahiri among a novel.

Online I’ll be reading several essays in a field and subject of a current project I am working on as well as searching for books, essays, novels, in a subject of another.

And that hasn’t even begun talking about actually writing.

That, I have plenty of.

I’ve more but that is a jist and start to what I’ve begun sketching out in my schedule, bullet journal, and what I do to “be a writer”. I’ll touch on other aspects and all as I go along….consider this me Talking Out Loud.


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