Where to start.

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I’m not sure that Writer’s are who write the piece on the book jacket or back cover about either their book or themselves. But when we run our own blogs we’ve got to begin somewhere. Twitter makes it easy and fun, something as short and simple as “I like wine” or “I read books” does it for many. But when you come to this blog, who are you reading and who is the persons name of the title? And then, why?

Well, the why I hope will come, in it’s due time. And I hope I give good reasons over that time.

The who is an ever chased question….who am I? We women and we writer’s and we human’s have traveled far away from our homes and written long prose to try and discover the answers to that question.

But in short over time and reading this you’ll come to find out. I hope that eventually and most of you come to google me and find this site because you heard of my writing more than anything. But time will tell there.

For now and the basics. I am in my mid-thirties, and not defined by my past three and a half decades, but shaped by them. I find politics important but will try and keep most off of this page (see my out on my Facebook at Peg’s Facebook ). This page is more about MY writing, and about Writing. There is so much out there and I wish to discover it, and discuss it. Trying to publish takes one onto a long winding path of discovery, learning, researching, and even frustration. The industry seems hard to learn about even when you try. So, I want a place for a bit of this and a bit of that as long as it’s writing involved.

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