A New Year.

One chapter closes and another begins. This thirty-five year old has lived a lot of chapters crammed within the bindings of “Once upon a time” and “The End” and I am only yet to somewhere in the middle. That place in the story of ‘Ah Ha! I get it now.’ Or only maybe so. Or something like that. Or whatever.

I am past the “one day I’ll figure it all out” myth and much more in swing with “let’s see where this trail goes”. Ready- stocked- and prepared should I get lost.

But in opening a new chapter there are many things I am going in with. I am more armed than before in knowledge. I am more armed than before in strength. I am more armed than before in friendship. I am more armed in knowing who I am what I want and what I can and cannot expect out of life.

I am glad to be an “Enemy” as we enter the new year. I am stronger than ever with the strength determination and power which I walk with.

My work is onto another leg, another calendar of twelve month of plan and work and DO. Accomplished I close and prepared I begin. This is my greatest place right now.

Likely I will post plenty of dumb crazy cat photo’s because I am stopping and enjoying the little pleasures of life. Otherwise in the midst of literature and politics it is one place of many for…breath. Comedy and laughter are also a must to survive. To live.

I am traveling the United States over the next year because I have a big beautiful back yard to explore. This is my place right now. I felt a need to explore and to seek and to soak in -Other. And so it is. My place during fall has been summed up in one word as Stillness.

There is always plenty to wish for, hold hope on, and have faith in. I am not naive that my path will ever be an easy one. I am ok with that. But there is much I won’t allow for stumble, block, bumps, and much I will pass by and do my part for.

I don’t come from an ok family. We are scattered farther than our physical selves but I care for each of them as people I share name or blood or childhood with and hope and wish them the best in the new year but also in what they make of it. I am only obligated to love those who love me back. I do not need to drain my energy to seek love or approval of those who should just be. This is about friends too. But there is no reason to hate or hold grudge. I have much to love and appreciate. If I’ve learned nothing else in thirty-five years – Negative holdings have not held me in the past year nor will in the future. I think a lot of people learned this year that family is what you make of it. Friends are the same. Author Melissa Gilbert has a good story about negative friendships. Basically they aren’t an obligation to hold onto. But those friends and family I do have are greatness. Such greatness and in this I am blessed.

I hold more mentors in my pocket than before after this year- and some I’ve let go. Crossed off the list due to hate they held- Showed and shared in this election year that came surprisingly and from from one of my most peaceful of them all. -That I can’t hold onto, follow or admire. But some who might even read this have been my mentors even from afar and not even know it. I thank you for the strength you hold yourself with and share, the knowledge you build. The grace you are encased in. And often the love that radiates from you, love which has nothing to do with me. But from which I learn.

Life is a lot of coffee, writing, and books with a year of travel. I’ve no complaints. In my privilege I am only to serve others and look toward a year in it. In my writing I look forward to one day my printed pages moving somebody. In my reading and books I fill with knowledge. In my travels I look to share many good meals with many good voices. In this new year I toast to many new chapters written to fill my story.

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