Pass the cookies.

Ok, work month has begun. Even though I slept until 2 and didn’t sleep until daylight….oy…gotta work on that.

#Writer #Work #Sleep

And I am set up for it. Books pulled out for work. Essays and reading materials and articles galore set up.

The beds is piled high with books by Roxane GayArianna Huffington, Lynette Chiang, Mary Karr, Gloria Steinem, Hillary Clinton, Jhumpa Lahiri, 


*Deep breath*


Jenny Rosenstrach, Lewis Hyde, John T. ShawTom BrokawRuth Rosen, Rufi Thorpe, Elena Sandovici, Sherman Alexie, Jamie Ford, James Wasserman, and Chade-Meng Tan and those are just my bedside Reads & Books I Am Reading this month.

#ReadingPile #BedsideTable #Read to #Write

My daytime Reading is of course various News Sources and Politics involved. A whole lot of Long Reads, Yoga Magazine, Writers Digest, The Atlantic, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Garden&Gun, Eating Well Magazine, Vanity Fair, the New Yorker, Forbes, Economist, and a million Articles etc.

I did pick up up a Scats and Tracks of the Desert Southwest Field Guide as well. You know…cause…identifying poop.

And I picked up a newbie called Breathe from Barnes&Noble a Magazine/Booklet that is about Wellbeing– Mindfulness – Creativity. That will be my over morning Coffee Reading.

I am sure by the end that doesn’t even scratch much surface of what I’ll Read this work month.

Currently my google bar is How To Become A Morning Person And of course there is a lot to Read about and on Writing to dive into on the World Wide Web. Google and Library time well spent.

I survived an Office supply store at the start of the School year and stocked up on  pens and things and stuff, and of course a whole new pile of Notebooks and even Journal Books from Barnes&Noble and other . Time for the new year Planner, too, soon.

So now it’s Coffee and sit and Work time. Oh….and now that J’s gone for the month, I am back to my Netflix of Grey’s Anatomy rewatching…because I figure it falls into the line of Work and Research of a Mentor because….. Shonda Rhimes is bad ass.

To Write well is the Research….pass the wine and cookies.

#Essays #Essay oh and don’t forget the #Blogs I #Read #cosmopolitan

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